Emitters texture or sorcery from another planet?

Does anyone has any tips on how to make this kind of effect?
I’m assuming is made with emitters but I played with textures, camera texture, facetracking texture and a lot of resources I thought could work but I can’t get it right. It seems simple but I don’t understand nor I found any tutorials about it

This is the link for the effect: https://www.instagram.com/ar/279068340155568
But I saw many others like it.

I appreciate if someone can help me

This is the texture distortion patch in the library. Just plug the two textures in and you’re done :slight_smile:


As Josh pointed out, these use the texture distortion patch. To animate them easily, make sure you have a tileable/repeatable texture and use a 2d Transform pack. This will allow you to animate the y position of the texture for example and have it scroll. (which is what I imagine is going on in that example)

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Oh, yeah I was imagining it was just a texture, but you could do the same thing with a particle emitter. You just need to send it through a scene render pass to turn it into a regular texture. Then you can feed it into the distortion patch


thank you @josh_beckwith and @Boris but I’m still doing something wrong. If the texture fill the whole screen it catches the camera texture. But when I put in the emitter I have the camera texture distortion but in the particle size. I’m somewhere close and will eventually get it right, so thank you! As soon as I get it right I will give my feedback :smiley:

You’ll need to stamp out your particles into a flat texture by using a scene render pass. Then you put that result into the texture distortion “Texture” slot

Just read Josh’s comment, you could do that, though I think it works just as well without render pass :

This setup scrolls the texture along the Y axis, which I think is what was done in the reference image.