Error: Black Mesh won’t Disappear


I’m having an issue when removing a face mesh on the scene. When I delete it it shows this black mesh. I tried to delete the corresponding material and texture but still won’t disappear. Additionally, I checked and unchecked the visible button from every other mesh, but that doesn’t have any effect on it. (Please take a look at the screenshot)

Please let me know. I’m working on a project and it’s very annoying.

Thank you in Advance.

Please someone help :face_holding_back_tears:

Can you share a simple reproduction of the bug? I haven’t seen this happen before.

Hey Josh,

Thank you for your reply! Luckily, I updated Spark AR and it got it fixed, I’m assuming it was a version error.



Good to know it got fixed, would’ve also been curious to tinker around with that file ^^