Extend Face Mesh

I need to place textures underneath the hairline. Is there a way to extend the face mesh or some other workarounds? Thanks!

Try This

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Thanks! Unfortunately no luck with this one. It just doesn’t fit like the native face mesh. I also tried to extend the face mesh they provide. It looks promising in the simulator, but doesn’t look good in the app :frowning:

So far this seems to be the best workaround. Adding planes under the 3D Face Tracker.

I reckon you should use Hair Segmentation for this. Here’s the Effect House documentation on the topic :

The idea is to simply put a canvas that’s rendering only the hair above the rest of the scene.

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Thanks, I was thinking about using hair segmentation but isn’t that just a mask? I need to stay on the skin side and show “markers” there.

Ah ok I get it. Yeah the segmentation would be used to cover the top of your added planes.

Another route you can try is what they did for the FFFACE.ME facemesh, they likely imported the Spark AR facemesh in a 3D program and extruded the edges. You could try doing the same with the Effect House one.