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Hello to all friends
As you know, the slider tool is not displayed in Instagram effects on phones running the Android operating system.
Of course, this is the case now, and this problem may be solved in the future

To solve this problem, I temporarily designed another slider so that friends who need this tool can use it.

Of course, when this problem is solved, this slider can be used as a second slider

This filter, which I make available to everyone for free, is a fairly professional filter that does the color correction work.

Of course, it is better to run the filter yourself and judge about it

Because I live in a country that is under sanctions and I can not buy any ready-made samples, and most of what I learned was from friends like you, I wanted to make this filter available to everyone for free, even to people who have my problem. They can use it and maybe they can find the answers to some of their questions with this ready sample

If you have any questions about this filter, you can ask me here or directly from the Insta page

Instagram: @makeup_for_tabriz_

Thanks, good luck

Because the file size was large, we divided it into two parts. Extract the contents of both in one folder, then run the effect.

textures.zip (3.8 MB)
other files.zip (699.7 KB)

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That’s awesome! I think the slider bug may have been solved already (at least on one phone), but this is a great resource!

One small note about large patch graphs like this is that it will be choppy and hard to navigate when there are too many elements. You can speed up the patch graph by putting things into groups. Hopefully they will improve the patch graph performance, but I thought I’d mention this workaround.

I’m not sure what the current rules are for custom UI. I think it’s allowed only for video calls, so the effect/s that use 2D custom UI like this might get blocked in review. Generally they want you to integrate the UI into 3D space, so attaching it to the user’s face could get it through review in case it gets blocked.