Face deformation + render passes

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask how can I use deformation together with render passes? When I apply the deformation, this happens (I show it in the screenshot)

Its work with a little adjustment

When you add deformation spark ask about capability choose - delete other capability
Then add new material and put RP face extraction on new Facemesh material

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Thanks. And correct work with a reduced face is no longer possible without this product (Spark AR: LUT + Cheekbones & Chin Deform / Makeup / Деформация скул с пресетом )?

Do you mean your native deformation doesn’t work with Denis patch?

I’m asking if it’s possible to fix the layering without using his product

yes. you can, by doing uv distortion yourself.
I created one myself too. Idk about his, but mine needs so much fidgeting and fine tuning or massaging decimal numbers for translating the projection of the the landmark to 2d space, how much intensity for almost consistent result. and especially to match the distorted neck so it looks seamless (which i honestly think almost impossible). also different user face would appear differently. idk if its because the tracking precision or what, but yeah. if perfection is what you’re after, this method won’t give you that, but close enough. make a soft feathering mask too to help with thin line that sometimes still appears when there is sudden movement or drastic rotation.

TLDR: If you want a fast way and gives you a good enough result. I think his patch is highly recommended. It gets the job done. If I were u and have some money to spend, i’d buy it. trust me, making it from scratch yourself is going to give you quite a headache.

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