Face expression as event/pulse/trigger

How to use face expression like eye blink to be an active trigger to spawn object?
I’ve been following the mouth catching game tutorial in the lens studio website. in part 1 we setup a variable trigger to spawn object. and what if I want to use the face expression eye blink as the spawning trigger? there is a face expression template but I have no idea how to get the value of the eye blink as the trigger. let’s say I want it to spawn when the eye blink > 0.5. how to do that? can someone show me an example how to get those values and use it as a trigger?

U need to use Face Landmarks. U can find a great example inside the templates tab.

Find FaceLandmarkDistance script and use it to checkpoints distance for trigger and then set up your trigger

Thanks man! It solves it. But I notice that it constantly sending an event update if we just close the eye and not opening it for a while. is there a way to make it triggers once until user open their eyes and close it again later?

Yeah, it’s the main issue I notice that the tracker does work not perfectly with blinking. But, you can checkbox Print Debug and adjust the distance between min and max, usually helps.

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