Face index from script to patch

I would like to change this face index to be randomly chosen from the patch editor.
I don’t know how I can change this circled value to be in patch editor so I could set an index of the face in patches by myself.
This is a script created by @josh_beckwith for his Sticker template.

You’d need to copy those last 3 lines and duplicate all of them 4 more times (the max is 5 faces). Just change the index (that zero you circled) in each set. You’ll also need to add those entries to the script object in the assets panel. You’ll see the face0Center in the “from script” section. Then you can send those values into an option picker to decide which ones to use in your effect.

Thank you, Josh.
I was really close to this.
Finally, I’ve created 5 similar scripts instead of just one, but it works! :wink:

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