Facemesh glitch with occluder


I have an issue with the head decoration template, when I add makeup/facemeshs, I have a glitch that appears on the face. I enable all of my facemesh to see from where came the issue, and it cames from the facemesh occluder. I can’t enable the write to depth material because the face disappears if I do that.

Does someone had this issue? I can’t manage to find a solution and I’m stuck with it…

Thanks a lot,


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This is fixed! I move the facemesh occluder behind the other facemeshs and now it works!


Man, the layering always trips me up too! Glad you solved it!

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Sorry didn’t see this on time, this sort of behaviour is usually when you have several 3d objects at the exact same position, you can solve it as you did, moving them ever so slightly apart

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I see! Thanks for letting me know, it will be usefull for the future :slight_smile:

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