Fade particles before they die

How are you guys handling fading out particles before death in the latest Spark version?

There’s this patch [here] (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SparkARcommunity/permalink/936278956784147/) but it doesn’t seem to do anything besides attributing a lower opacity to all the particles. I know there was also a script for this (made by you, Josh?), but is there an updated v93+ version of it?

Ah yes, my old script! Thanks to Lasse, here’s an updated one here:

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Used the script, double checked everything, tried different easings, it still looks like they’re just disappearing, not fading out completely :confused:

edit - set lifetime for particles 4 seconds (it was 9 before): https://www.instagram.com/ar/690325451555081/?ch=YmQ3NmFhYjE4YmNhM2Q1ZWZlNzI4YTg4NWJkZTViZjE%3D

This stuff has never been intuitive to me. I still don’t fully understand it, but I think “hsvaColorModulationModifier” means that it is what changes in relative terms, and it’s not the absolute value. So… try setting your particle material alpha to zero initially? I always have to fiddle with things for a while before it works.