Fatal Error UI PICKER + Gallery Texture on ANDROID

I downloaded a script provided by Josh that allows adding media from the gallery without distorting the height x width ratio of the image or video.

As market demand, I work with the creation of selector buttons for different versions of the client’s logo using a Picker UI + an additional zoom control button for the gallery’s media.

The add media button works fine in my tests in Spark AR Player and on iOs devices.

On Android, however, whenever I try to add media it flips between the media add buttons and the selector buttons, locking the blue buttons and preventing me from using the filter normally.

I emphasize: ON ANDROID ONLY, indicating that it is not a script configuration problem.

My theory is that it’s a problem in the UI picker, but I’ve tried other ways to create selector buttons, like the UI SENDER, but without success.

Can anyone guide me as to what I can do to resolve this?

Below are photos of the patch and an exemplifying video.

The UI picker has been buggy since it launched. I haven’t seen this particular bug, but there was a long time where the 5th option would be omitted sometimes. Another bug would prevent the media input button from showing at all. And we still can’t actually control visibility!

I’m not really sure what to do about this, other than submit a bug report.

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