Feedbacks on my work

Hello everybody,

I started reading this forum some weeks ago, and now I finally created an account !

I have been playing with Spark for some months now, and I see the creative frenesy of the beginnings starting to fade a bit. I try to learn a new skill on every effect I make, and right now, I don’t know where I should look next.

I wanted to have a feedback on my work to know if you see some things in particular that could be improved, that would probably open a new creative rabbithole and help me improve a lot :innocent:

I published 7 effects for the moments, you can check them on my instagram page @civilnormaal or with these links (I can only post two, as my account is new. I chosed my most recent and my favorite one) :

Thanks a lot, and I hope this post respects the community rules :sweat_smile:


Hey looking great! I’d say just keep experimenting and trying things out, so you find out which aspects of AR creation you like best and develop a style you like. You don’t need to learn so many new things at once, just try to do many different things with what you already know instead and the learning will go automatic.


My approach when I started learning Spark was just to spend a little bit of time every day on it. I would spend 30 to 60 minutes in the morning doing stuff in Spark. I usually didn’t have a goal other than committing the time. There were times I would just stare at the screen… but overall I picked up at least one small piece of knowledge every day.

I will say that helping people on the lab and in the facebook group have helped broaden my horizons. I tend to have a particular style in my personal work, so I wasn’t exposed to a lot of the common problems with 3d animations etc. Trying to solve other people’s problems is another exercise that can help expand your brain.

I am giving vague advice right now, but it’s what worked for me. What is your end goal in learning Spark? Is it art for art’s sake, or do you want to start taking on client work?


@gijswahl I think you’re right, maybe I should put less pressure into always learning something and sometimes just have fun practicing. Thanks !

@josh_beckwith That is also great advice, I tend not to open Spark when I don’t feel inspired, but when I think about it, I learned lots of things in life just doing it, sometimes without any goal, like when you sit in front of a piano and start playing random chords until you find inspiration ahah.
For the moment, I learn it for the purpose of art as I’m learning, but I would love to start a professional activity with it. Thanks for your reply !

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