Fire Filter issue

The fire is only going from bottom right to top left, these are the patches.

more images Imagen2


It’s because there is only a single value that set the direction or strength, so it automatically think that you want to apply it on both X and Y axis.

by default the origin or 0,0 coordinate in spark is on the top left corner, and 1,1 is on the bottom right. lets say if you put object in the center, then putting 0.5 to a subtract patch in “number” data type will make the position goes to top left, unless you put, (0.0, 0.5) to the subtract patch in “vector 2” data type. then it will goes to the top only.

so, based on your screenshot, you can put another multiply patch in between the multiply from the runtime and the add from texture coordinate. set that multiply patch into vector 2 by clicking the patch to select, and click the bottom part that says “number”, change it to vector 2. and now you have independent control to each axis which if you group them all, you can make new input variable to determine the direction and strength of the animation. 0 means not moving, 1 means normal speed, -1 means reversed, and the further away from 0, the animation will moves faster. if you only want to move vertically, leave the x, 0 and change only the y. if you want to move horizontally, leave the y 0, and only change the x.

I hope it solves your problem. :slight_smile:


Exactly! Great explanation! I was always editing this distortion patch to make it do what I wanted. Eventually @Boris and I wrote a long article about it. I use this new “Super Texture Distortion” patch all the time now.

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