Fixed Image Tracker flips upside down 3D element - Bug

Hi Popul-AR friends,

I have found a bug with Fixed Image Tracker that flips upside down my 3D element associated with it. But can’t replicate it to understand why it happens. I think maybe is because of the inclination the phone has… but that shouldn’t happen.

I leave you a video, so you can understand better.


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That is really strange. I would report it to the spark team, using the “report problem” option in the menu.

As a workaround, maybe you could try checking the worldTransform.rotationZ of the model, and if it’s upside down, then you can flip it.

Thanks @josh_beckwith,

Do you know if this is the Module of the FixedTargetTracking:

So I can try if the target is being tracked what orientation initially has… because I need to do this at the start, before the animation of the object starts jumping…

Yeah, you should be able to use that isTracking boolean. I’ve noticed that sometimes transforms take a few frames to actually apply. To avoid the jank, you might need to use a delay to wait for the corrective transform to apply

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