Focus camera on body part

I wanted a light, I wanted to make the camera follow/focus on some region. For example right eye. What would be the logic to do this? I’m at the end of the project, that’s all I need.

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This one is a little difficult, but you can try using world2screen in the library.

There’s also a simpler solution by using the 2D face position. GitHub - positlabs/spark-face-tracking-2d

Hey, so while I was working on my effect - “Connecting to Meta”

I took help from this project. I modified it for right eye. you can do the same for any part.

I hope this helps

Oh yeah! I remember now, we had a thread about that project a while ago.

It’s been a while, but I think there was a problem with distance (not working if the user is far away). Here’s another project that might help.

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