Follow image posture with body tracking

Hi I would like to ask, is there any method can be done to achieve like in the image?
Thank you in advance

It should be possible, although I’m not sure how reliable or accurate it will be. A good place to start would be with the lens studio template for pose detection. Of course, it’s not using the same API so you will need to translate the logic into Spark.

The general idea is to check the angles between key points, get the difference from the target values, then add all of those together to get a “closeness” value for the pose. Then you can set a threshold value so it will only trigger if it is in a certain range.

To generate these target values, you can take “snapshots” of the poses and print some data to the console. Then you use that data as the target value for whatever pose you made when the snapshot was taken.

It’s an ambitious project, but I hope this helps to guide you.


Snapchat already have something like this :slight_smile:
May be this ML will be available at assets :eyes: