Free/Cheap LUTs for Spark Ar

Has anyone found and worth while resources for LUTs?

Everyone I come across (github, gumroad etc.) are painful.

No proper file naming, no descriptions and no examples.

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Always creating LUTs for my needs from scratch or use my own library :slight_smile:

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I need to just allocate some time and do this too, thanks for the reply.

I wouldn’t necessarily say “worthwhile” but I did find a few packs full of them online a while ago. If anything the issue is converting them all manually to work on spark. For some reason quite a few also end up in pixelization or other issues once ported over :frowning:

The easiest way to create them yourself is to load up the neutral lut image on photoshop, put a reference picture on top and apply all kinds of visual changes you want, then simply disable the picture. The neutral lut, modified by the changes on the image, is basically a brand new LUT.

Applying any change to the neutral LUT basically creates a new LUT :stuck_out_tongue:

We have plans to release some themed LUT bundles from the GMIC tool. It’ll have formats for Spark, Lens Studio, Photoshop, and a few more. The format conversion is a big pain IMO, so hopefully these bundles will simplify that.

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If you aren’t afraid of the command line, you can grab the project and generate the previews and lut formats from the source.


Ohh, I remember LUTs app from Maru.

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Ohhh shoooot! This is going to make the process way much easier!
Can’t wait to see someone make another tutorial series on Youtube to learn how to use it~

*wink wink to Josh

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Wait, whaaaaat? is it a mobile app? is it available on android? gotta check that out as well!
Thanks man!

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u can always ask Maru, he is a nice guy and always answer

Requires GMIC which doesn’t seem to be on Mac (without warnings haha)

Interesting though. I’ve just started usual VSC to explore generative art.

@tommy_mopstaining I developed this repo on mac without any gmic warnings. I think I installed through homebrew or some other equally lazy solution. How are you installing it?

I put together a reference for Lens Studio’s LUTs and converted them to the FastColorLUT format for Spark AR (link to them on the page) Lens Studio built-in LUT reference guide


Warnings was probably an ambiguous word for me to use in this context…

Screenshot 2021-10-25 at 13.11.17

Ohh yeah, well in that case I’m sure it would work in a docker container. Something like this: Bitbucket

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Thanks Josh, I’ll have a look at some point this week.