Freeze frame problem in V123.2. Is it a bug?

Morning everyone,
I’d like to share what I just found in Spark AR v123.2

If you have a project that uses freeze frame technique in older version of Spark AR, you’d probably run into a problem that it doesn’t behave like it used to. Especially if your method of freeze frame is like in the screenshot 1 and 2. Some might say “change the fallback color to white”. But as you can see in screenshot 3, that’s not the case. Even if you change the background fallback color to zero alpha like in screenshot 4.
(In the screenshot it appears that it works, but no it is not. It is not a freeze frame, it is moving. It is simply just passing the original camera texture.)

The interesting part is that everything between 0 and 1 is the same. The problem seems to appear when it’s critically close to or exactly 1 alpha for the delayed texture from delay frame.

So, just in case you haven’t figured it out already, screenshot 5 is how to do freeze frame now. Simply put the pre-mixed original texture to the delay frame’s first frame input.
(You should use shader render pass for texture, face extraction render pass for face texture, or scene render pass for scene objects to be able to plug them into the delay frame.)


It might looks like that it works but everything falls apart when you have something that is still updating after the freeze frame.

Take a look at this simple demonstration:

And this is not only happening in spark ar, but also when I test the link on instagram with this setup:

In previous version, 4 freeze frame textures wouldn’t updated when the Option in option picker changed/updated afterward, and the output is simply just going back and forth between freeze frame textures. But in this version, the output is just like a reduced frame rate of continuous camera feed.

The weird thing is that if I use Slider UI for the driver of the option picker, the freeze frame textures are not updated and I can flip between texture 1 to 4 with it! Weird.

Here is the project file:
FREEZE FRAME PROBLEM V123.arexport (108.2 KB)

Let me know if it also broken on your PC and phone. I’ve reported it from Spark AR directly.
But if you also find it broken, please also report it to make sure it gets fixed ASAP.

(And no, it’s not because I grouped the delay frames. I grouped them just for easy access and easier for you to see the setup. download the project file yourself with the ungrouped version. It still behaves as broken as I described above.)

I can confirm it’s doing the same on my end. Whenever I change the option picker value it’s re-freezing a new frame. Also playing the default animation you have plugged in the option picker gives me a 1fps effect

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The option picker does really weird stuff sometimes, and unfortunately this is one of those cases. You will also find that it has issues with sound clips. To fix this, you can change your logic a bit. Multiplying by zero based on the selected index and adding all of the results together should essentially work the same as the option picker.

Yup. it’s super annoying :’(

yesss, but the refresh not only happening with updated option picker,it also happens if we change any value in other patches as well. And i have no idea what is causing this. :’(

I tested this on my computer and it captures and plays back as expected. I’m testing on 124 though.


Ahh I guess I just have to update it then. Thanks Josh!

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