Front camera not triggering emitter

Hi, I made a snow emitter and both the front and back camera work in Spark AR, meaning both cameras show the snow falling down.

However, when I launch the filter on my phone, it only shows falling snow on the back camera. The front (selfie) camera doesn’t show the snow. In ‘Enable for’ I’ve selected both the front and back camera.

Any idea why this is happening?

Is your particle emitter set in a planetracker? It’s a bit deceptive but the back and front camera in the spark editor have no issues generating a planetracker, whereas it very much is a problem on phones

Yes it is set in planetracker. What could I do to resolve it?

Put another particle emitter outside of the planetracker for the selfie camera version.
You can toggle their visibility easily by using the “camera” patch (dragging the camera item from the scene editor into the patch editor). It has two booleans : Front camera active / Back camera active.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 13.23.24

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