(Gallery Texture) Reset video playback when you start recording

Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to be a part of this forum. I would like to ask if it was possible to play a video selected by the gallery picker from the beginning once the recording has started. I looked for solution on spark AR but I think it is impossible without using the script. I’m not very experienced with programming languages. Do you think it is possible?

I haven’t seen any way to control it, but maybe you could try hiding the media for a split second when recording starts. This might reset it. Just a guess.

Thank you Josh! I’ve found a different solution and finally worked.
Just add a second gallery texture to use as overlay. In the patch editor use the ability to switch an empty png with the secondary gallery texture when recording starts so that the video will appear from the beginning.


Super good to know! I haven’t needed to do this yet but I’m sure it will come up. Thanks for dropping the knowledge!

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