Get started with AR & VR experiences on Unreal Engine

This Webinar to get started in creating XR experiences with Unreal Engine covers it all to get started in building AR & VR experiences.

The video walks you through first over a VR project by covering different topics:

  • Get started with a VR template
  • Scene setup
  • Play in VR
  • Work with a grabbable actor
  • Develop actor variants
  • Adding User Interface (UI)

Before starting over a quite cool AR experience seeing two robots having a little basketball matchup by covering:

  • AR Project overview
  • Animation blueprint
  • Attach a shadow and play with a rigged shadow
  • And of course how to setup your development environment and update for for ARkit (iOS) & ARCore (Android)

Bottomline you’ll find out how to use these templates to quickly create XR experiences using your own scenery. Then, they demonstrate how to extend the built-in functionality of the templates, enabling you to create custom XR experiences. Now that they provide a bunch of AR/VR templates that have been redesigned in Unreal Engine 4.27 with more built-in features, easier setup, and OpenXR support for VR, there’s no real reason to stop you go over there and start playing with Unreal.

Unreal most interesting thing to me lies in the fact that you only have to edit the experience in one place to deliver it on various devices or the fact that they use edge computing for users to be able to experience high resolution experiences on -almost- any device.

It’s impressive how much SDK’s and devices they do support and update, feels like there’s no limit since they enhanced OpenXR potentially allowing creators to deploy on the web and work over VR on top of the other usual suspects in native SDKs like ARKit, ARCore, Magic Leap, Oculus, SteamVR, Oculus or Windows Hololens & Mixed Reality.

Unreal’s landing page about XR here


This could be a game changer if it works with instant apps! I’m also looking forward to the rumored webGL/webGPU exporter. Once webXR becomes more available, I think 8th wall will become obsolete… or at least they will have to change their pricing.