Glitternator 5,000,000

The original post from Matt

Felt like creating something fun and for free for everyone so, introducing… ‘Glitternator 5,000,000’!

Prompted by a few requests, I thought I’d create a general purpose metallic foil/glitter/metallic paint shader for use with Physically-Based Materials. You’ll need your own white noise texture or something similar to create a glitter effect but you can use any black and white image. I’ve used a tiling 128x128 square image here. Make sure the sampling is set to Trilinear and Tiling mode to Repeat, as in the screenshot.

Next you’ll need to create a Phsically Based Material. Enable the sockets for both the Albedo and Normal maps and plug the outputs of the Glitternator 5,000,000 patch into each respectively. I’d suggest setting the Metallic setting to 100% and the Roughness setting to around 50% but you can use whatever you want here.

Finally you’ll get best results if you load in an Environment Map. As long as the material is set to fully Metallic you’ll get correct reflections. Just make sure the color encoding is set to sRGB in the Advanced drop down.

You can plug your own mask textures into the density slot to create make-up like effects like eyeshadow and lip gloss. Would love to see the results if you try this out.

Think that’s it, hope it proves useful and you have fun using it ✨

I’m adding a mirror to the patch file here just because I don’t trust Facebook to keep files. And here’s a noise texture to go with it!

Glitternator 5,000,000.arp (19.1 KB)



Since it’s related, here’a a link to the glitter normal map that @Boris posted in another thread.

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Hi @josh_beckwith
I followed your steps but it does not do anything.
here is a screenshot of my setup.
I added the noise texture and also tried with or without the normal map glitter texture but both times it just does not do anything? Thank you!!

Make sure the texture settings are trilinear/repeat