Godrays shader code

Hi, I have found a script for the godrays effect that works well, but I want to customize it in the patch editor, for example, I can change the coordinates of the center point recorded in the script 0.5 and 0.5 in the patch editor, what We need to make a change in the script so that we can change these two numbers in the patch editor, because I can not write a script at all, so I ask you for help

I want to change the center point with the screen pan, just change the two numbers in the script as input in the patch editor

I added two input parameters to the main function and made uv- equal to uvx and uv+ equal to uvy, now in the patch editor two inputs appear that work by changing numbers But if the numbers are equal, they work like 0.2,0.2 or 0.5,0.5 If the numbers are not equal the white screen appears, I think line 19 should change but I do not know, can you help me?

You need to subtract and add a vec2, not a float. The original example uses a float just because it is in the center of the screen and it’s the same as vec2(.5, .5).

uv -= vec2(uvx, uvy);
(same for the addition step)

The problem was solved
thank you