GraphToy Function Explorer

Super handy plotter for exploring shaping functions!

Pairs well with this article about shaping functions, which actually mentions graphtoy now that I’ve re-read it :slight_smile:


Are there any tools to draw a line, like bezier in Illustrator, and then get a function which I can cnrtl+C cntrl+V in Spark ar for example)?

Not exactly, but you could use the gradient tools in Photoshop to make pretty complex gradients, which you could then convert into a function by using a composition node in Spark. It’s not as efficient as using pure math though.

There is some bezier stuff in the Animation Module but it’s limited to controlling non-shader properties. I am actually working on an interpolation patch bundle that will have a bunch of shader functions like this.

yeah I`ve used gradients from photoshop as texture coordinates for texture sampler but anyway result is getting pixelated and low quality, even when applying blur patch and filtering is on