Hair segmentation with retouch and face mask Alpha issues

Hi, I´m having a tough time trying to figure out how to fix this, maybe someone can help.

As you can see the face mask occludes my fringe, I don´t know how to workaround this. I´ve tried messing with the hierarchy and it doesn´t help.

Always a bit hard to solve these without playing in the actual project file but first thing I’d say is have you tried toggling the “alpha test” in your facemesh’s material? This option will transform alphas into actual transparency. Could solve the issue maybe.

Also, what is the facemesh that’s occluding your fringe used for? You could even considering applying an alpha texture to it to cut that top part.

Else I’d really need to play with it for a second and I might be able to solve it with layering etc. (would of course send you the fixed file and delete them from my computer)

What´s your email? I can totally send you the project, I want to sort it out because my fringe isn´t going anywhere :laughing:

Wait! I think I got it. The hair canvas was on another layer. Now it´s in the same layer and it covers the fringe BUT now the makeup and mask fade into an invisible canvas when I move far from the camera :laughing: FML

Very flattering photo proof:

haha yeah I imagine you have a rectangle inside a canvas that’s causing this ^^

My mail is
Will take a look asap :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

It’s difficult to get used to, but in general you will have more control over render order if you use render passes. In general I try fiddling with the advance render settings on the materials, but it’s a bit of a brute-force approach and doesn’t always work

Well, I started over on a new project and did the exact same thing from scratch but adding the objects and assets to the scene in order of hierarchy instead of changing the order as i needed it and now it works perfectly. :woman_facepalming:

Here´s the test link: Test Link

@josh_beckwith Yes. I need to get on track and learn more about render passes. I´m just on my 22nd day of using SparkAR and sometimes creativity goes faster than the learning curve so I want to try and do everything.