Has anyone used Chaos Physics in Unreal Engine?

Hi all,
My first post here, hi! Has anyone here used the new Chaos Physics in Unreal Engine? We will be trying to figure out integrating Chaos Destruction and Niagara particles impact interactions for one of my free Star Wars type Unreal VR games https://mn8.itch.io/darkforces
I would like to see if any of these can be baked out and exported for AR as well. Any idea if that is possible?

Hi Ant!

You could definitely bake them into 2d image sequences. This would work in cases where the particle animation is always viewed at the same angle (like from a gun the user is shooting).

For a full 3d export, I think you’d have to write some custom vertex shaders or something, in the target environment.

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Yeah, they can be baked. I just want to find someone that has experience using Chaos Physics in Unreal, you have to do some wizards stuff and make a custom build of Unreal Engine from source code to enable Chaos Physics or get HTML5 compatibility like they used to include in Unreal Engine 4.22 I haven’t created my own Unreal Engine Installation builds, etc…

It looks like you just need to edit a text file and run the build command. The steps seem simple enough but it takes 40 minutes to build, lol

Yeah, I just haven’t done anything like that, and don’t understand compiling from code. I scared me off the first time, but I will try it sometime soon.

I think you might be able to find someone who has built it for you OS/version and just have them dump the app files to you

Hey good news, They released 4.26 Preview 1- 3 days ago, and it has Chaos Engine built in! So they have been working on it with Team Fortress and now it almost production ready, but I guess its still considered beta, but it will replace PHysX as the new Physics module, like Niagara replaces Cascade particles.
Anyway you would love Niagara and Unreal, I am sure it would be pretty simple for you, but that you would appreciate all the ways you can use it and the things you can do. Check out how easy it is for 1 person to do VFX that would have taken teams 1 or 2 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syVSRDQxrZU&t=409s

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That’s awesome! I do really like the capabilities of unreal but in all likelyhood I’ll wait for v5. I’m hoping they will start to focus more on AR stuff