Head Occluder Outlines are missing

I am using the head occluder to make a filter. I want something to rotate around my head. But I am not seeing the outline of the head occluder I have tried using the block from the Spark AR Library. I have tried with head occluder in the face reference assets from the Spark AR website.

Can you share some screenshots and a project file? I’m not sure what the issue would be but I can take a look at it.

its coz occluder is turn opacity to 0, to C occluder you need to turn it up. so, go to the material and adjust it. Now you can C occluder and can adjust your rotation model, then turn opacity of occluder back to zero and enjoy :wink:

I checked the opacity is 100%. I still can’t see the outlines.

Now I am re-creating it from start.

Try changing the Blend mode of the Occluder material…

I tried that nothing happens.

did u try changing the cull mode to Back (it is the default)?