[HELP] Draw and wrap the drawing into an object

Hi everyone, im wondering on how to achieve this? I am thinking of using emitter to make the drawings but i have no idea on how to transfer the drawings into 1 texture/material and wrap it to an object like in the video.

For the drawing, I’d recommend using a delay frame. You can blend the “brush” with the delay frame, and send it back into the delay frame to get the accumulation effect.

If you want to mirror and tile the resulting texture, you can do it with some uv operations. I made a kit for uv stuff like this and it makes it super easy.


Great reference. like Josh said, you can achieve the drawing using delay frame.
also, this effect requires render passes to be done. Actually I’m working on something similar already for a client, and I can’t wait to share how it turns out when it’s live.

what I would do to achieve similar result to that reference
(might not be the simplest but it gets the job done):

  1. make a full screen rectangle, grab 2d position of the nose tip as the pivot of sdf circle and draw using delay frame to the rectangle.
  2. make a square planes or rectangles to transfer the drawing and use it as alpha mask.
  3. use the alpha mask from point 2, to hide the area outside of the drawing area from point 1.
  4. grab the plane or rectangle to patch editor use bounding box for and a little bit of math to sample the same area of uv from the full screen rectangle in point 1, and use it to apply the texture to the material of plane in point 2.
  5. make some duplicate object from point 2, animate and arrange it in a tiling fashion you want or like in the reference.
  6. grab those objects from point 5 as scene render pass that you can animate their opacity together and then use uv radial distortion to make it seems like it wraps around the ball
  7. use the alpha from the ball to mask and clean up the edges from the scene renderpass from point 6.
  8. use custom render pipeline to reorder the rendering “layer” to the final device render output.

those are the main steps that I would do, of course there might be some sub steps that you might want to do like opacity and position animation in between those main steps.

another approach that you can do if you prefer not using multiple objects is by using the UV utility patches that Josh mentioned before, so you can just animate, mirror and tile the texture in one object just by manipulating the uv.