How can I convert world points to screen position in patches?

I have seen this done in script with the face.cameraTransform.applyToPoint method (in addition to some other space conversion math). The thing I’m stuck on is how to recreate that method in patches. Can it be done with the matrix operations in patches?

Have you tried this patch Josh?

There are also some other patches that Keetapol uploaded to the library that might be useful.

also maybe you can find some matrix operation that you need here:

I haven’t try it yet, but I think you could also grab the built in matrix from the vertex transform patch for each transformation coordinate to another just by multiplying it like in this:

from this video.

so maybe combining that like this?

OH! That’s great! Thanks for the detailed writeup! In the end, my solution worked but spark was bugged out. I opened it this morning and it was working just fine.

Keetapol’s patch is the same solution I arrived at, but with the addition of handling the rear camera y flip. I’m glad I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here :slight_smile: