How can I create two sided material?

I already tried to create in blender but spark simply ingnore one of the sides. I think I already saw a patch for this but I cant find it on facebook group.

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Do you try the Double-sided option in material?

U can check this tut from Mate Steinforth


Yes but I actually want to use a different texture in each side.

What kind of texture do you want to use for each side? If it’s just jpg or png images make sure you properly UV unwrap your 3D object in Blender and that each face has its normal facing outwards.
You could be in the scenario where your faces are unwrapped on the exact same part of the texture.

If you’re trying to combine “textures” you created within the patch editor, I’d need to see the actual project in action to attempt anything ^^°

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It would be very helpful to see the piece in Blender (some screenshots from all sides and the UV unwrap) because normally .jpg or .png textures on a 3D object inside Blender just look the same in Spark AR. Did you export it as a .fbx?

I didnt create a different UV map I saw a tutorial that was just connect these nodes to put textures in each side. Spark only recognize one texture.

Hi. Do I need to create a different UV map for each side? I used nodes to create this

if you want to create a UV map for each side is up to you. If you have a object with different materials on each side, Spark AR will recognize it. Spark AR does not really translate any node-material setup you have done in blender. I made a little example for you, maybe it helps.

The cube is a solid 3D object with different materials applied to different faces.
Material, Material.001, Material.002 will show up like that in Spark :slight_smile:

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