How can i detect hand close

Hi I got a question on how can i detect hand close?

This is my approach: I’ve tried adding 2 rectangle, one big rectangle (main) and one small rectangle (anchor point) to get the distance between top left big rectangle and top left small rectangle, if the distance is less than certain number, i will trigger something.

But now big rectangle size is attached to the hand and the big rectangle size is dynamic (based on the user distance from device camera) so i cannot set the ‘less than’ value to detect whether the big rectangle size is getting smaller or bigger based on user hand gesture (open/close).

Close user distance to camera:

Far user distance to camera:

Close hand:

So do you guys have any efficient approach/idea to trigger hand close gesture?

You have the right idea here. You just need to normalize the vec2 size of the rectangle so it will be relative dimensions.

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Yes, I think maybe i’ll try with Pofulu’s script utility and make it work together with hand tracking.