How can I detect if Spark is running in the simulator or on device?

This is an edge case for sure, but I sometimes like to add some debug features to my effects so I can quickly test stuff. Right now I’m working on a multipeer effect and I want to be able to skip turns by tapping on the screen. This is easy to set up, but I DEFINITELY don’t want this feature to end up in the published effect. I could just simply remember to remove it, but for safety I’d like to add some kind of runtime environment check to enable it.

Does anyone know of a way to detect if the effect is running on device?

oh yeah that would be super handy. but until now I still use the old school manual method by putting all debug stuffs into one group with a single boolean button to disable before publishing. especially for the tap, hold tap, screen pan “enable” input, some on screen debug text visibility, and also to simulate target found and video recording. But yeah, it’s so annoying to setup and clean up

It’s mostly annoying to work on stuff where the device needs workarounds for bugs and other inconsistencies between the app and the simulator. Plane trackers never have high confidence in the simulator for some reason, so if you need to use high confidence then you just don’t see the result in the sim.