How can I make a metal material in Spark AR?

Hi, I see this cool metal material quite often in Spark AR and was wondering how to do this?

Spark actually makes this quite easy :slight_smile:
First thing you want to do is change your material type to Physically-Based in the dropdown at the top
From there go into Surface Parameters and turn Metallic up to 100% then play with the Roughness to see what look you prefer. You can tweak the base color to change the tint of the metal as well as add an Environment Texture to add details in the reflections

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Hi @Boris,
Ohh I see! that was really quite simple! I tried out some different Environment Textures for the reflections and was wondering which one you like a lot or use a lot for metal effects?

Haha I’ll be honest I tend to try them all and see which one I prefer ^^ I do tend to use the studio one from the sparkAR library as a default though, it’s pretty neutral in that the reflections are more whites and blacks rather than a whole garden scene.
Really it depends on where you’re positioning your object and in what context :slight_smile:

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You can get some pretty nice results by using crazy patterns for the PBR environment texture. I used this texture in a project and it worked nicely.


Hi @josh_beckwith you have a picture of the outcome? sounds interesting !

I’m not sure if I ended up using it or not, but I think it was created during my explorations for the animal reflections effect


I put for free on gumroad more than 900 matcaps! You can find plenty of metal textures there… there’s also a tutorial :slight_smile: x


That’s a lot of matcaps!! I’m wondering if the source materials have names though? Could make it easier for people to remember which ones are their favorites.

no names… that would be difficult to name each one of them:(
I just save my favourites in a separate folder

This could be a cool task for machine learning! Have you seen Google colab?


I will take a lot, although I don’t have any experience with coding =p

oh wow this is amazing!!! @Allan

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You are an angel! :angel: