How can I make objects move along with the head movement in Spark AR?


I see so many filters where the objects in the scene move along with the head movement? I am guessing it is all done in the patch editor? any examples of a patch set-up?


There are 2 ways to do this that I know of. The first steps are to get the head rotation then unpack it then add some exponential smoothing then pack it again. You can mismatch the xyz values to match what type of look you are going for then repeat that process so you have 2 of those groups then use subtract then multiply then connect it to the rotation of the bones. The other method is to use to range after packing it. but no need to duplicate it. adjust the values as you please

Hi @mitsuko
thanks for the explanation.
I am really bad at understanding things just by a written explenation, do you maybe have a screenshot of a basic setup for this?
thanks a lot!!