How can I make realistic eyes?

The iris tracking template has some nice features for tweaking colors, but is there anything else I can add to make it look more realistic? Maybe some shadows and reflections? What approach has worked best for you all?

hmmm… I guess put a white circle just a little above and to the right of the iris to make it look like light reflection? hehe

Hi @josh_beckwit, I’ve been experimenting a lot with textures and the only way is getting the ORM texture for the eyes correctly from Substance Painter. Unfortunately they only have Lens Studio preset (no Spark AR from what I’ve seen). Regardless, I noticed the light in Spark is only a simple raytrace. There are no “bouncing” parameters, thus making it difficult to create real world occlusion and reflections.
BUT! The good news is that if you use a specific HDRI map in SP (substance painter) and work your project with it, you’ll get your roughness and specular (metallic) values correctly in your maps, add the normal map into a PBR shader in Spark for the eyes, and have “already baked AO” from the Spark Original head eyes and lids over the eyes and use that as alpha (yes, AO will determine alpha map) that way you check “invert” and now all occlusion will be set to white. You can then use the camera projection texture of Spark and feed it into a material using that AO (alpha) mask. This is how you get the User’s real face and occlusions into your eyes’ lids.


That’s awesome! I have only touched the surface of Substance, but next time I need some eyeballs I’ll try it out!