How can I open my files to my old version of Spark AR

Hey, I just uploaded to 102v of Spark AR and I’ve been experiencing very slow system, and not responsive app. It’s very annoying and I can’t work at all. I have the v.99 but my filters file were uploaded to the new version, but I want to open and work in the old version. Is there a way how to open them in the old version when they are uploaded with the newer one. Please help :sob:

Sadly you can’t open projects made in versions higher than the program version (102 > 99) - I’ve tried to force it to open them but it crashes, and trying to restore the files back to 99 manually would be a huge pain to go through; I didn’t even attempt it, I just re made the project in a lower version of Spark


Yeah, this is a tough lesson to learn. I’ve lost a few days to remaking projects because of this. If you have the time, you could wait for the next spark version release (~every two weeks), which might fix the issue you’re having (more likely if you have reported it).

As a rule of thumb, I usually make my projects with a version of Spark that I deem to be stable. Usually it’s something like 5 versions back. I’ll upgrade if there are major changes or new features that I need to use. I work this way since it’s always possible to upgrade the projects, but impossible to downgrade.

I wrote a doc on how to manage the various versions of Spark. It’s a pain, but it’s better than losing several days of work to a stupid bug.