How can make the skin glitter in Spark AR?

Good day,

I was wondering how people manage to give this shiny glitter effect to the face in spark ar?
Like this:

The most basic method I use is a spotted Normal Map that’s basically just noise. Putting it as a Normal map on the facemesh will create fake depth and thus reflect the light differently.

The map I use is :

If you want more complex glitter with actual color, I’d suggest looking for Matt GreenHalgh’s Gliterinator 5,000,000


Wow thanks a lot! I added the Normal Map you posted and it works great! important was to change the colour to black and the blend mode to add , then it looked really good!

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I made a post in the resources category for this, since I’m sure a lot of users will be looking for it. Glitternator 5,000,000