How do we create point cloud like effect in Spark AR ? Is it possible?

I wonder if its possible to simulate/recreate point cloud/ particle manipulation like effect on Spark,
something like this!

That would be super cool, but it requires some kind of depth sensing to get that effect. Spark doesn’t offer anything, but you could try using optical flow to guess at scene depth. It sounds like a cool technical challenge, but the results probably won’t be super clean

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understand!! maybe for starter! i would want to get this type of look! thank you for replying!!!

You could play with the particle emitter and use it on a face mesh. It can emit cubes :slight_smile:

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I thought I remembered Patrick Cabral hacking this somehow. And indeed he managed :
This dude is a monster… Though I don’t think it’s based on the proper technique, rather a smart way to achieve a similar look, possibly with displacement maps etc


will look into getting it in a smart way! thank you!!!