How do you find clients for AR effects?

I was making open source projects and tutorials for a while and eventually the clients just came to me. I am pretty sure this isn’t the standard way of doing things, though! So I’m wondering… if you are new to the industry, how do you find clients?

It happens so that there are a lot of AI driven sites that read “relevant” metrics from most social sites and directly from social apps, and those sites SELL the data to interested clients (no filters on this point, is only market influence). Since specific “marketing parameters” can be fed in the query results, WE -the AR creators- are mostly found through their algorithm searches when we “surpass” one of their metrics. All of this is AI marketing.
Client then takes a decision and decides to “reach to you”. (Now you all know how this really works).

For more “traditional approaches” on how creators are found, people apply to remote work sites like POPLAR and other “branded studios” who outsource their posts with entire communities. Someone enters, proposes a fully functional filter based on a pitch they ask you to complete, present their own portfolio, the work is evaluated against time/cost, win the bid, and off they go. Eventually they get really good, and they continue to outsource it to places like wehire, mosterjobs, etc…


Sign in, and check this out, for example:


Ah yes! That one is on my to-do list :slight_smile:

I’ve been pretty lucky in that clients have sought me out, and all of my other work has been through agencies or production shops. I’m trying to look at it from someone else’s perspective to understand how they might succeed. It seems like the majority of creators are younger than I am so I’m wondering if/how they have broken in to the industry.

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When I started out, I found most of my clients through good old prospection! I put together a portfolio I thought looked good enough and started to reach out to brands I felt could be interested.

Now I still “cold email” from time to time when I think I found a good match, but most of my clients are repeat business and referrals.

I guess this process could apply to many industries!

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I come from the other side of things…sort of, so maybe my perspective will be useful to someone.

I have become recently obsessed with AR, no experience at all selling my newbie work BUT I am an Executive producer/project manager for a VFX studio (Aparato if anyone´s interested) so we are hired by agencies, production houses and brands mostly by word of mouth and sometimes for our reel/portfolio/viral content. So I´d say getting some visibility is key if you want to be discovered.
I hire artists sometimes as well, and I am always scouting and adding people to our pool of artist to be called in case we need someone´s expertise. I read blogs, websites, a lot of IG profiles, Behance, Youtube, you name it. If I see something I like, I take note. It´s good to have a strong profile with one outstanding ability but it´s also good to be OK at many things, it all depends on the project needs and your profile as an artist, there is need for amazing top quality work but there is also need for quick basic stuff.
About those services selling contact lists, personally I receive one of those spammy emails a week at least. I hate them. Won´t open them. Won´t even consider paying for that. But that´s just how I roll.