How I can create 3d eyelashes in lens studio


I am still a beginner in lens studio trying to learn. I want to make 3d eyelashes. I already used this model in spark ar studio


I’m not sure how you’d go about it fully custom but there are apparently some eyelashes present in the Makeup template. I’d suggest taking a look at those and possibly exporting only the eyelash part of the template so you can import it in a blank project. (I’m not sure these are 3D eyelashes, but here’s a comment from a Snapchat employee to address this :
"I would suggest creating a 3D eyelash mesh (externally using a 3D modeling program), UV unwrap and apply with an eyelash texture. Then add the 3D object into the LS project and use the ‘pin to mesh’ function to attach it to the eyes. "

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