How to add delay and fade in to plane?

im stupid so even ive look at here , i dont understand how to do it in patch editor


Don’t put yourself down, the documentation is nowhere near sufficient to get a proper understanding. If I get you correctly, this setup should help you get started :

I’m fading the plane out here by animating the alpha in the mix node (to fade in, just inverse the start and end value of the animation patch). Adding a delay after the screen tap (or any trigger you want to use) should work.

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Actually this is not correct. You’re mixing red (255,255,255,1) with zero (0,0,0,0) which makes the color not only more transparent, but also darker. The right way is to multiply alpha channel to certain coefficient. It’s simple but I made a free patch with example for this case:

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Ah really? It seemed to do what was asked in the sense that the plane disappeared. Didn’t check the red value as that one was intended to be replaced by a cameraTexture. Good to know it would darken though, thx for the comment :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot , thanks a lot , thanks a lot ,

thanks a lot , thank you so much , thanks