How to be a spark ar partner

Hey guys, hope you all doing great
I was wondering about how to be a spark ar partner
I think it allows you to publish effect for clients without having access to their Facebook account, Is it true?What is the benefits of it?And how to be a partner?


You don’t need to be a partner for that, just get added as an AR Manager for their page, that will allow you to upload effects to their account(s)

Dude, I just didn’t know there is anyway like that!!! How can I be an ar manager for their page?

And btw i wanted to be a partner for more proof and branding stuff

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I’m not sure if they are accepting new applications now, but I’m sure they will eventually. You can fill out this form to apply to be an SPN creator.

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I didn’t have a strategy or was even expecting to be in the partner network, but here are a few things I did that I think helped me.

  1. Understand the fundamentals of Spark AR so you can create more advanced effects
  2. Create interesting AR effects, if not, collaborate with creatives from other areas to create AR for different areas
  3. Share your knowledge through video/blog post or whichever way you prefer, most important is contributing back to the community
  4. Show that you have created AR effects for brands that don’t violate the review policies
  5. Show that you have worked with multiple brands (don’t know if there is a number to achieve though) and produced quality AR effects
  6. DON’T violate the review policies, ideally even for personal work
  7. Keep learning and improve yourself, never stop creating AR effects

Hope this helps!