How to become a Official Lens Creator (OLC) for Snapchat

Why is it interesting to be a OLC for Snapchat?

  • you get to work with the newest beta versions.
  • you will know all upcoming new templates or features before anybody else.
  • you are invited to conferences in which you can actively participate and give opinions or suggestions.
  • you are able to participate in several internal contests with a decent price in $ as winner.
  • your lenses are more likely to be featured by Snapchat for internal content

SO how do you become a OLC?
Snapchat used to have a application form but not any more. Therefore, the only way to become a OLC is for Snapchat to contact you and ask you to be part of the program.

This is obvious, but keep creating cool lenses in your style and check your statistics. The lenses that do best are maybe a direction you should go for.

Always post your filter pictures also in the ‘Our Story’ inside the Snapchat App, this will make the possibility for Snapchat to see your lenses much higher.

And that’s it already.
Find the OLC for Snapchat here
Just stay true to yourself and have fun making Lenses :smiley: