How to calculate sinh, cosh, tanh in spark sl?

is there any alternatives to calculate sinh, cosh, tanh?
seems like spark sl doesn’t support these

If you look oat those docs, they give you the formulae for those functions.

sinh(x) = (pow(e, x) - pow(e, -x)) / 2.0

cosh(x) = (pow(e, x) + pow(e, -x)) / 2.0

And then once you have those functions, you can use them to get tanh.

tanh(x) = sinh(x) / cosh(x) (5.4 KB)

Thank you so much for taking your time answering to our questions dear Mr Beckwith
I already tried this solution but got really weird and unexpected result.
if i declare “tanh” as a float, i have to put * in the equations at this will ruin the whole code or maybe i shouldn’t have to do that at all.
if it was possible for you i’ll be really greatful that you take a look at this shader code. line 10 through 18

Well, there’s something else wrong with this shader, and it generally doesn’t run well in Spark, but here you go :slight_smile:

You need to define sinh, cosh, tanh as functions, not values. They take an input and give an output.

float sinh(float x) {
    return (pow(e, x) - pow(e, -x)) / 2.0;
float cosh (float x){
    return (pow(e, x) + pow(e, -x)) / 2.0;
float tanh(float x){
    return sinh(x) / cosh(x);
float box (in float x, in float x1, in float x2, in float a, in float b)
     float pon = tanh(a * (x - x1)) + tanh(-b * (x - x2));
	 return pon;
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Thank you at least I learned something new because of you :yellow_heart:

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