How to change Material Shader Type via Patch?

I’d like to change the Shader Type of a Material, Ex: from Face Paint to Standard, when the user tap the screen (or other trigger). Do you know if is there a way to do this or if it even possible?

Thanks in advance!

I know it’s impossible in patches. I doubt that it could be done in script (I don’t think there’s a method to change the type on the fly). The best (and probably only) option is to duplicate your materials and change the visibility or opacity with the taps.

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Can this patch do the trick?

if i’m not mistaken, that’s a “fake” PBR material, to set our own complex PBR nodes in patch editor.

maybe by a trigger to a mix patch to each PBRinator input node that makes it PB so it will change to a flat look in the other mix slot. just an idea tho, haven’t tried it so no empirical evidence to backed it up. I hope it’s possible.

*but yeah, i think the easiest and simplest method is simply like what you said, making object with different materials and flip the visibility


I thought so, thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll give it a look (But I think my expertise don’t get so far xD)