How to change the animation duration by script or by patch please?

my purpose is ,change the animation duration to one object when mouth open

idontknow how to do it

so far i did this

but there is still a problem

whene fast duration doesnot completeed yet , then object back to slow … when mouth closed

if I’ve understood correctly, this should be in line with what you’re asking :
Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 11.01.25

Ah damn… I dont know why I don’t use that duration before, damn…


i have another trouble , please see screen record video here

when i go to the right , then go back to the left , the animation start from the very right , instead of from current position , maybe i should not use animation for this game mechanic but what shold i use ? i dont know yet

mmmh, checking the video I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve… What is it you want the truck to do?
I see the issue is when the truck goes backwards, where it teleports back to it’s initial position, but what is it supposed to do?

i want to do reverse animation but continueing previouse movements

looking back at it, it doesn’t actually seem like you need to use animation players for this. If I’ve understood from another post, your project is a game where the user moves the truck to collect trash items falling from above right?

You could basically tie the user’s facetracker x position to your truck (unpack the facetracker position and pack it back into a vector 3, but only connect the x, leave the others to the default values). This way the truck will follow the user’s head more accurately. If you want the tires to rotate, make them separate from the truck and tie the user’s x position to their rotation using math.

What my purpose is to add speed control… Sort but i’ve done about left and right control with slow movements… But when I add speed up control when mouth open then. That glitch happened…