How to change the language of dynamic text?

Hey guys, just made a Instagram filter with day of the week and time. On AR Spark Preview, the text was shown in my native language (portuguese), but when i published the effect it only shows the day of the week in english.

Anyone knows how do i change the language? The phone language is portuguese, but the filter didnt got it automatically.


In this case I’m pretty sure it would depend on the language of your IG or Facebook app, moreso than the language on the phone. That’s probably not something the filter has access to (there are heavy restrictions I think on the data we can get from our user and his/her phone).
Is your IG/FB in English? Maybe try setting that to Portuguese?

Yep, both apps languages is portuguese. :frowning: I also tried to change the language on both apps to spanish and italian, no sucess, the filter only shows the day of the week in english

weird, gonna go check the official docs on the subject, maybe they specify something :confused:
dynamic text doc:

mmmh, nothing really mentioned. Don’t really know why it’s capable of changing languages in the preview but not live…
You could also go through something like the LocaleModule and some scripting to manually account for each language you want.

searched it on the facebook community group but couldn’t find any direct answers either :frowning: