How to check if head has been leaned left?

i can do it easy ly in C# , but in spark ar ,i need to think about how to do it so many times , yes maybe i have to use if else patch , but the word " then " at that patch makes me confuse , its like not if else statments …( yeah im super noob at this spark ar area )

cause i want to check if head has been leaned left Then mouth and blink is working ( can do on off )

as long as head does not leaned left yet, the mouth and blink should not working ,

[need help]


This should check whether the user has leaned to the left. You can tweak what you want the If Then Else to send or plug something as one of the outputs flat out
I’m just checking if face rotation along a certain axis has exceeded a specific angle
Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 10.55.03

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Thank you so much, oh yeah. Thanks wuhu