How to convert a face tracing head into 2d screen space for a screen image?

so this is my code . so this is not working as expected . how to achieve it ?

When does this script run? What are the objects in headUsers? I wonder if they aren’t positioned yet when the script runs.

I see there’s a method on the Camera object that will do this conversion in a single step. Maybe try that instead of converting to local then to screen.

worldSpaceToScreenSpace(vec3 worldSpacePoint) : vec2

Converts the world space position worldSpacePoint to a screen space position. Screen positions are represented in the range ([0-1], [0-1]), (0,0) being the top-left of the screen and (1,1) being the bottom-right.

So I tried this method and also the once that are available on the scene transform and when I try It its not working as expected not sure why that was happening