How to create a BLUR + Light Effect (SEE THE PICTURE)

Found this filter and was wondering how it’s done. The help would be very appreciated

I’m pretty sure that is just a bloom effect and if there is any other effects, probably just some basic color adjustment like brightness, contrast, saturation and things like that.

Bloom Effect by @josh_beckwith
Patch and Project:

How to download:

  1. Click the “Code” Green button
  2. Download ZIP.

Extract the zip and open the folder, go to the patches folder to find the patch.

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For color adjustment you can go to the AR Library go to patch asset and then shaders or search “Adjust Colors”.

Then you can simply just connecting the camera texture, to the patches, and then to the material.


Hey! Thank you so much. I think I achieved the white effect but what about the blur?

Is it another patch (btw here is a filter link)

Edit here is the blur filter shown more clear

Thank you

No problem :slight_smile:

Umm… Have you checked out the github link and watched the video? Cuz I’m pretty sure the solution that you’re looking for is there. It’s literally just an over exposure adjustment plus bloom effect.

For the blur, what do you want to achieve? can you elaborate a lil bit, cuz i don’t understand. Inside the bloom patch there is a gaussian blur patch already, that’s how you make the soft feathering bloom effect. You can see that in the video too. If you feel like you need more blur, you can simply replace it with another blur that more powerful. If i’m not mistaken, inside that bloom is gaussian blur 3, you can try to replace it with gaussian 5, 15, 25 or even another type of blur.

@josh_beckwith also has some amazing blur patches on github. This is the link:

If you want some more advance blur effects like radial blur, tilt shift, magnetic and things like that, go ahead and check out his gumroad here: