How to create twirl effect on a texture in spark

Hey guys.
Im wondering how can i create a twirl effect and apply it on a texture in spark ar?
Im thinking to use distortion patch but im not sure it will work or not.

yes correct. make a mask for rotating the uv, where middle is 0 and the edges are 1 using length of the uv (texture coordinate), then simply rotate it using cos and sine or matrix, up to you. make sure to also put screen aspect ratio into the calculation so the spiral is more circular and not oval if you apply it to a full screen rectangle.


OOOOh! This just gave me an idea! I know that SDF operations will work on single channel textures, so we can use the SDF Twirl patch to work on a UV map if we split the channels and work on them separately. The idea is to take a default UV map, split the channels, apply SDF Twirl, recombine them, then sample the camera texture with the swirled UVs!


This is awesome. I’m doing a lot of operations to swirl the UV on my Dream Lens effect. Thank you


Thanks BRO
appreciate it

Like always. Appreciate it josh

And btw guys, the effect that im looking for to create is this :slight_smile: Instagram

Im gonna try the solutions and again appreciate any help to creating this effect.

Waiit, whaat? really? I thought you knew about this cuz you’ve been manipulating uv for ages.

I have a twirl patch in the uv utils, but I didn’t realize it could be done with SDF ops until now